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I love the outdoors, the beach, gardening, family get-to-gethers! This is a spot hopefully for anyone who is interested in giving me pointers on being a better gardener as I'm a beginner. Mostly learning from reading other garden blogs I'm finally going to give my vegetable garden a try.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

First canning

I canned my first pick-ins of green beans. I got 5 quarts from two pickings. It's been a long time since I canned last. I used to can a lot when the kids were small. Mainly jams and jellies. But now that I'm raising my own veggies it's nice to be able to preserve the bounty. As I go along I'll be able to estimate how many veggies I need to plant to be able to preserve them through out the summer months, that will give me an idea for next years planting. I've been trying to figure out what all I can do with the squash that will be getting ready soon. I still have time, their still just now getting blooms. The weather has been unseasonly cool so things have sort of been at a stand still. My corn is a "hit n miss" because of the temperatures being too cool. At least I think that's what the problem is, course I could have bad seed or something... we'll see!

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