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I love the outdoors, the beach, gardening, family get-to-gethers! This is a spot hopefully for anyone who is interested in giving me pointers on being a better gardener as I'm a beginner. Mostly learning from reading other garden blogs I'm finally going to give my vegetable garden a try.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I went out and thinned out some of the carrots. I couldn't resist keeping the teeny tiny ones. They taste good too. The fatter one is the "thumbelina" variety. The other ones are the usual ones that grow to about 7" long. We'll see how they grow now that they have been thinned out.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Just Garden Rant

Just a little fall color in the flower bed. There's nothing to do these days but rake up the "sticker ball's" as we call them (chestnuts). I wish I could of planted some more fall veggies but my husband has big ideas for the garden area. He has a big amount of dirt which he is going to spread all along where my summer garden was. This way it will bring our back yard more level with the rest. That's o-k cause I've got big plans for a completely different garden I want to build for spring. I really want to put in raised beds using the "square foot" garden method. I have several books on it and really want to try it. I think it will be less work for me in the long run. The gardening is very theraputic for me as I have osteoarthritis and it keeps me moving. But the rototilling and hoeing just makes matters worse for my hands, so that's why I decided for the alternative method of Sq. Ft. gardening. I know when the frames get built and the soil put in all I'll ever have to do is just plant the seeds. I think it will be less up-keep and more organized. Wish me luck!


I dug around the carrots just to see if any were ready yet. This row is a "Thumblina" which are about 2" round and short. I think I'll pull a few up tomorrow for my salad at lunch time.

Fall Lettuce

My little Gnome watching over the lettuce. Probably making sure no rabbits come along...

The lettuce has been growing great. I'm surprised there aren't any worms or bugs trying to feast on it. I tried to grow lettuce before but always failed, probably because I always planted it when it was still too hot. I just wish I still had some summer tomatoes to go with it.